Gasolina 2004 (ENG)

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The year was 2004 and the Reggaeton genre had just become a global phenomenon with the song Gasolina by Daddy Yankee. 2 young boys who had just been to Colombia and Ecuador had felt the rhythm and quickly realized that this genre was going to explode. Not long after, these artists dominated the charts around the world.

Reggaeton had become a global genre. Mostly produced by 2 former chefs at Harvard Univerity who were now super producers within the genre of reggaeton, Luny Tunes.

In Norway, the idea began and eventually the idea was realized. The first Nordic website about the genre reggaeton was launched. It mostly contained biographies, pictures and news about artists. But also pictures from the only place that played this genre, Palacios Latino. Soulshock also played some of this at its regular Wednesday concept at Sikamikaniko in Oslo. DJ Soulshock is probably honored to have introduced the genre at nightclubs in Norway first. While commercialized it in the coming years through Nett, Radio and events.